Fellow travellers, sadly the aliens I was expecting during Earth Hour didn't show up! I was deeply mystified and disappointed.

It is very difficult to know why this might have been. It is hard to understand the motives of those who are more spiritually evolved than you are, after all. (I know this from personal experience. My many critics - who are locked in their primitive, materialist mindsets - just can't understand where I'm coming from. So, full of fear and confusion, they accuse me of hypocrisy, greed and venality. Oh well. If they do not want to accept my loving words of wisdom in the way they are intended, that is their loss.)

That said, I think I may have an inkling as to why that anticipated light show didn't transpire: You see, because of the relentless campaigning of appalling climate change deniers in the media, the popularity of Earth Hour has been waning over recent years.

But there are signs Earth Hour may be losing some of its momentum in Australia - where it originated four years ago - with just 41 per cent of Australian adults in capital cities saying they took part in the lights-out protest, according to a poll by AMR Interactive. That figure is down from 58 per cent in 2008 and 47 per cent last year.

Perhaps this growing indifference to the plight of our own planet has meant that the denizens of other planets now think us unworthy of respect, and thereby attempts at contact? Sadly, I think this is the case.

Nice work, reich-wingers. I hope you're happy.