Fellow travellers, even though it can be a very unpleasant experience visiting the loony right-wing reaches of the blogopshere - which are so rancid with the stench of sexism, racism, and climate change denialism that afterwards I always have to have a peppermint tea and a good lie down - it is certainly worth doing so on a regular basis. As they say, it's important to know your enemy.

(And when I say "enemy", I don't mean it in the "pro-war" sense, BTW. I am - like all of you, my fellow travellers - lovingly anti-war. An enemy is just a friend I haven't attitudinally reconstructed yet.)

Anyway, one of these appallingly reactionary blogs that I have been visiting lately, and at which I have been offering the benefits of my wisdom, is this one. Of course it is turgid with the most noxious drivel, including this post about Christmas. Needless to say it is a nauseating apologia for that revolting festival of hate and greed.

In it, the appalling Mr Hall derides sassy sister Dr Joanne Faulkner for urging us not to lie to children about the existence of Santa Claus. Why am I not surprised?

That said, I also have to admit to finding Dr Faulkner's theories somewhat lacking. But my criticism is that she didn't go far enough in her deconstruction of the Christmas lying ritual. It is my strongly held belief that not only should children not be told that Santa is real in the first place; they should actually be told the truth about Santa. That is, that he and his grotesque carnival is a MANifestation of Western commercialism and capitalism at its most offensive. It is also a despicably dishonest method of instilling racism and sexism in children across the world. The repeated exhortation to dream of a "white Christmas" doesn't just mean wishing for snow, now does it, fellow travellers! And it's interesting that Mr Claus is always represented as an old white male with a white beard, eh? It's nothing sort of child abuse, fellow travellers!

Really, a much more enlightened and progressive way to mark Christmas would be to burn an effigy of that sinister, rotund bearded patriarch. And the only reason I don't do that is because I'd be contributing to global warming.

Appalling. Just appalling.