There is no doubt that a very serious campaign to discredit the great Julian Assange is underway. And we know exactly who is behind it don't we, fellow travellers? The CIA!

They've even got his so-called former friend Daniel Domscheit-Berg doing their bidding. He's telling anyone who'll listen that Assange is some sort of "megalomaniac".

Of course this all looks plausible. He worked closely with Assange on WkiLeaks for years, then had a well-documented falling out with him. And now he's just written a book about his experiences.

Well, he came out with that very quickly, didn't he! I'm sure he didn't get any help at all writing it - least of all from shady, well-dressed characters wearing dark glasses and speaking with American accents who arrived in black helicopters. Yes, I'm really sure of that ...

The malicious tome is clearly timed to do Assange maximum damage. Right now, when he most needs support and affirmation, Domscheit-Berg is really sticking the knife in. Poor Julian must be saying, "Et tu, Daniel!" Really, it's just too cruel for words.

But it's just what we've come to expect from these fascist AmeriKKKans, isn't it fellow travellers? Actually, I wouldn't be surprised that Daniel was a CIA stooge right from the beginning.

One thing we've learned from the way these people work is that the more plausible they seem, the more likely they are to be in on the conspiracy.

Speaking of which, here's the loathsome turncoat on Assange's completely justified suspicion that those Swedish sex-crime allegations are part of a wider plot:

TONY JONES: Julian Assange obviously believes that the Swedish investigation is part of a broader conspiracy against him and that he'll be nabbed from Sweden and perhaps spirited away to Guantanamo Bay or some jail in the United States if he goes there.

Do you think that's - I mean, he's right to be paranoid in some respects because the United States is trying to formulate charges against him, but do you think he's right about this conspiracy?

DANIEL DOMSCHEIT-BERG: Well I'm not aware of any sign of a conspiracy and that's something we've all said from the beginning. You shouldn't cry - or call something a conspiracy if you do not even have the slightest fact that you can show to the public to prove your point.

The sheer brazen gall of this man is just breathtaking, isn't it?

Perhaps most distressing of all is the traitor's cruel claim about Assange abusing cats. Clearly, no one with such a deep commitment to social justice could ever harm any non-human person, least of all one with whiskers!

My feline fellow traveller Jocelyn is a great admirer of the WikiLeaks founder. She would be deeply distressed to know that such vicious lies are being spread about him. And that's exactly why I have withheld them from her.

Appalling. Just appalling.