Fellow travellers, Nature has struck another blow for justice against an evil enemy. But sadly, the brave wombat who did Gaia's righteous bidding has been felled with an axe wielded by an appalling white peenie-waver!

The wombat was totally justified in attacking the man, who was clearly violating his territory. (As we all know, wombats have deep spiritual connections with their land.) So the butchery that ensued was doubly appalling.

But of course the media - being so human-centric - always take the side of the non-animal creature, portraying him (and it is almost always a him) as the victim! I mean, read the article. It's all about his experience, his opinions, his feelings! And no wombats were interviewed for their view of the conflict. Could the reporting be any more biased? 

This is sooo like the Palestinian-Israel conflict. And just as tragic.