One thing I always find particularly annoying about right-wingers and conservatives is how oblivious they are to the presence of Gaia. Completely lacking in compassion and sensitivity, they are utterly incapable of feeling Her presence, even though She is all around, above, below and even through them!

Full of fear and hatred, they mock and deride anyone who worships Her. Take this vicious diatribe from the always offensive Tim Blair. In it, he mocks our beloved fellow traveller Tim Flannery for saying this:

“I think that within this century the concept of the strong Gaia will actually become physically manifest."

Well, actually Gaia is already manifest - or should I say womanifest - to many of us already. But She is not yet strong. To become so, She must first express Her deep anger and hurt. And that's what is happening now. Take the recent unexplained deaths of thousands of fish and birds, for example.

Of course there is conjecture about quick temperature changes and the like causing these strange events. But those of us who know the mind and heart of the Earth Goddess are aware of what's really going on: It's Gaia committing self-harm because She's so distressed at how She's being treated by us, the human race, Her own creations!

Human industry has choked the atmosphere with carbon dioxide. And Gaia, so grief stricken by this betrayal, has lashed out across the sky, sending thousands of Her feathered children plummeting earthward!

Similarly, technological man has poisoned the rivers with his toxic chemicals. This pains Her greatly. So She has thrashed the waters with Her mighty arms, washing Her gilled offspring onto the shore!

Gaia is just working through some issues now. And it's really sad that the recent casualties of this process happen to be non-human people (animals) who've committed no wrong. But just wait until She's ready to deal with who's really to blame.

That's why I suggest that anyone who doesn't already worship the Earth Goddess should start doing so with gusto pretty soon. Because eventually it's going to get down to a pretty simple choice: you are either for Gaia, or against Her.

And frankly, I wouldn't recommend being in that latter category. No, I wouldn't recommend it at all.