Fellow travellers, appalling reich-wingers are fond of accusing us of harboring outlandish and ludicrous theories about the deviousness of the Great McSatan in general, and the CIA in particular.

We all know about how they tried to kill fellow traveller Fidel Castro with an exploding cigar. And now a new example of their cruelty has come to light: The CIA sprinkled LSD on bread in a small French town, resulting in widespread hallucinations.

This is deeply distressing, particularly when you consider how much good the drug has done. Sixties radical Dr Timothy Leary used it to expand his consciousness and ferment his paradigm-busting ideas. Just think, without LSD, the world would have lost that revolutionary exhortation to "turn on, tune in, drop out". Had that occurred, surely we would have been left a lot poorer as a society (spiritually speaking).

Given this context, it is suspicious that the CIA chose this drug for its diabolical Francophobic experiments. It seems almost certain that they were trying to frame some hippies.

Clearly, this is an utterly ruthless organization capable of the most extreme duplicity. It would have absolutely no compunction in killing thousands of its own people, then blaming innocent, peace-loving people so that it could launch an all out war on them. Which is exactly what it did do on September 11, 2001.

Appalling. Just appalling.