Fellow tavellers, Gaia does not make mistakes. There really isn't such a thing as a "natural disaster". As we all know, that which is natural is always good. So how can it ever be "disastrous"?

Even when there is a lot of destruction, you can always find a lesson in the rubble. Take this earthquake in New Zealand. Those who do not appreciate and worship nature like we do would not notice the significance of the location of the earthquake's epicentre - just near Christchurch.

Christ. Church. Get it?

The symbolism could not be more clear. Gaia was gently pointing out that Christianity's claims for legitimacy are false; that She is the one true God.

Notice, too, how there were not any fatalities. That's because New Zealand is a small country with comparatively low carbon emissions and a generally good environmental record. So, wise Gaia showed Her appreciation of its non-animal creatures (humans). She was using a kind of cosmic "carrot and stick" approach. (If and when She decides to slap down Christianity in, say, AmeriKKKa, well, that will be another matter...)

But back to New Zealand: Knowing the cosmic subtext to this recent event, it's hard not to wince at the irony of so many of the "stricken" city's residents going back to church.

When will they ever learn, fellow travellers? When will they ever learn?