Fellow travellers, if there was any doubt that the sex crime accusations against the heroic Julian Assange are false, there certainly isn't now.

You see, Assange's accusers' Swedish lawyer has now officially denied that there is any CIA involvement in the case. He says his clients are not pawns; they've had their "sexual integrity" violated. Now, we know from many previous cases involving that sinister organ of the AmeriKKKan Empire (and others like it) that whenever those representing the suspected individual or party does this, a conspiracy is certain.

It's like when the US Government said they had nothing to do with the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11. They would say that, wouldn't they. But watch that footage of the towers falling. You just know they went down far too easily, don't you?

It also reminds me of the case of Clay Shaw. District Attorney Jim Garrison, whose story was so searingly told by Oliver Stone in JFK, was totally certain that Shaw conspired to kill President Kennedy. He also suspected CIA involvement. But when Garrison charged Shaw, his lawyers denied any involvement. Well, of course they did.

Subsequently the courageous Garrison was derided as a kook - as was Stone for telling his story cinematically. This is what happens, fellow travellers, when you speak truth to power.

And as we all know, Julian Assange is the greatest truth teller of them all. He's just pulled off the biggest mass release of classified information in history. You just can't get more truthful than that.

And yet his accusers' lawyer, Claes Borgstrom, has the sheer gall to claim that Assange has been "spreading false rumours".

This is disturbing, fellow travellers. Deeply, deeply disturbing.