Fellow travellers, it must be remembered that Andrew Bolt, Tim Blair, Piers Akerman and Miranda Devine aren't the only reactionary, conservative columnists in the Australian media. Don't forget Paul Sheehan as well. The fact that he is still employed by our fellow travellers at Fairfax is one of life's enduring mysteries. I mean, they did manage to get rid of the (not very) Devine Miss Miranda, who's now peddling her hatred at that revolting News Ltd tabloid that simply doesn't bear mentioning. So, hopefully Sheehan will be the next to get the flick.

You never know, maybe his latest column will do the trick? In it, he facetiously gives out awards to people who don't go along with his appallingly racist and heartless philosophy. Of course, his chosen recipients are all highly compassionate people, greatly deserving of admiration.

Take this vile paragraph:

The silver medal goes to another lawyer, a District Court judge, Stephen Norrish, who believes Aboriginal criminals should have prison terms of less than 12 months automatically suspended or converted to community service. He wants culture and disadvantage to be considered in mitigation during sentencing. He wants special ''Koori courts''. ''Unless acts of affirmative action are formally recognised,'' he said, ''not only will the disproportionate number of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system continue, but it will increase, to this nation's greater shame.''

Of course culture and disadvantage should be considered. What's wrong with that? You know, if every culture were given equal value, supported and affirmed in a loving way, and if everyone had equal access to resources, then we simply wouldn't have any crime at all! But of course Sheehan doesn't like that idea. It offends his controlling, morally absolutist nature. Why, if there were no crime, he couldn't rail about how we as a society are too soft on it, and then he would be out of a job, wouldn't he? And we can't have that, now can we! No, we just can't have that.

Really, this idea that Koori courts and affirmative action are racist in themselves is just so offensive to any thinking, feeling person. Frankly, I don't think Stephen Norrish's proposals go nearly far enough.

If I had my way, all Aboriginal people would be automatically pardoned no matter what they had done "wrong". The collective crimes that Australia has committed against them (for instance the millions who routinely refuse to apologize on Sorry Day) are far, far, greater than any individual "crime" a single Aboriginal person could possibly have committed.

What we should do is put the likes of Sheehan in the Koori dock (if they have one) and charge him with crimes against their culture. That'll teach him!

But back to his noxious piece:

What about some collective remorse and self-criticism from the Aboriginal community? What about the gangs of young Aboriginal men who roam the streets of Sydney and country towns stealing and belting white kids, a problem my extended family has experienced first-hand multiple times? What about an apology from the Aboriginal people (a concept which itself is a white fiction) for the endemic child abuse inside Aboriginal families and communities?

Can you believe the gall of that passage? I mean, did he actually write that? He's demanding that we treat Aborigines by the same standard we hold whites to! Have you ever read such vile racism? And in the pages of my beloved Herald!

I could go on. But frankly, I'm so angry I just need a nice cup of peppermint tea and a good long lie down (on my futon).

Appalling. Just appalling.