Fellow travellers, as you well know our enemies in the Australian media are many and powerful. As Jonathon Holmes so searingly observed last night on Media Watch, those revolting shock jocks are stoking the carbon-spewing flames of climate change denialism, giving scientists who don't believe in climate change lots of air time, while denying it to scientists who do (which is all of them).

And even though what those broadcasters are doing is against the law (that's L A W - law - get it!) they continue to remain unpunished. In my opinion they shouldn't just be fined, they should be incarcerated. The very fate of the planet is at stake.

Thank Gaia for the fact that the ABC still offers an alternative to these eeevil blowhards; one defined by impartiality, sanity and balance. Yes, it has been infiltrated by conservatives (thank you so much Janet Albrechtsen) but the cancer seems to be contained in certain areas, at least for now.

Meanwhile, the print offensive (and my, is it ever offensive) is led by the belligerent News Ltd. I believe this sinister organization is the one doing the most damage to our cause. Why? Because the printed word continues to have so much authority. People still believe what they read in the paper.

So, if you read the SMH or the Age, for instance, you are given only the most reliable, objective information, particularly regarding the two biggest threats to humanity: man-caused global warming and nuclear radiation from damaged Japanese reactors. If you read the Daily Terrorgraph or Melbourne's Horrid Sin, on the other hand ... Ugh.
Those two tabloids really are the worst - particularly their "star columnists" (bleh!) Bolt, Blair, Akerman and Devine. With their sustained, malicious campaign against the proposed carbon tax, this conservative quartet may well be the planet's undoing. Really, they are like the Four Horsepersons of the Carbon Apocalypse (and I don't mean that in a Christian way).

They are all utterly vile. But perhaps none is more appalling, arrogant, and imperious than Miranda Devine.

Did you see her on Q&A last night? Hard to believe that they let her on in the first place. But then she was just so rude and hysterical throughout, bullying anyone who didn't agree with her. Really, she was worse than Bolt on Insiders the other day ...

Here, she has the sheer audacity to say that the no-fly zone over Libya is not enough:

MIRANDA DEVINE: Well, that's the question. I man a no-fly zone is not going to be enough. You know, the Srebrenica Massacre happened when there was a no-fly zone happening. You know it's not a catch-all protector and at some point, you know, you have to go in and you have to help the rebels. You have to arm them, train them, whatever. You know Gaddafi is not just going to throw his hands up because there's a no-fly zone obviously.

TONY JONES: So is that - just so I get this right, do you think that's the fundamental objection that this hasn't gone far enough?

MIRANDA DEVINE: I'm not saying it hasn't gone far enough. I'm just saying of course we had to do something but we're in a devil's own position because a no-fly zone is not the end. You know, it sounds very neat and clean but we've seen in the past that it never is; that you have to actually go and put some skin in the game.

Can you believe this, fellow travellers? Here she is openly expressing her twisted desire to see death and destruction on a grand scale. She clearly craves the obscene, blood-soaked violence of combat and says as much in the most explicit language imaginable.

Why did the audience not erupt in righteous anger? Perhaps because they were simply stunned into silence ... (That, or because it was stacked overwhelmingly with conservatives, which is usually the case.)

Still not satisfied, she went on to smear practically the entire Middle East with this noxious spray:

MIRANDA DEVINE: Not really. I mean they put together a council and there's a couple of people from Gaddafi's ministry who've escaped. But, look, I think that's a really valid question because, you know, you've seen in Egypt, in the elections, the Muslim Brotherhood have become stronger. We just - we really don't know in a lot of these places, you know, what kind of sort of shadowy forces - how much Iran is involved in manipulating the situation.

Well, thanks for singling out Islam again Miranda. You racist, you! And why not beat up Iran again while you're at it. Really, the way that country has been demonized by the pro-Zionists is just appalling.

But it gets worse. In this disturbing outburst condemning Labor's enlightened and compassionate asylum seeker policy, Devine reveals her love of destruction with more obscenely violent imagery:

MIRANDA DEVINE: But, you know, you have - now you've got, you know, almost 3000 people there on an island that was designed for 800 and of course there's going to be trouble. Of course those people are going to be upset and start rioting and carrying on. You know, this just never had to happen and it was because the - you know, Kevin Rudd decided to make the whole boat people issue, you know, a mallet to bash up the Howard supports and, well, you can't disagree with that.

Her vicious misrepresentation of Kevin Rudd's motives shows her own deep desire to physically attack people with heavy, blunt objects. Then she ends her outburst with an almost unbelievably totalitarian, censorious claim!

Well yes we can disagree, Miranda. We can and we do, whether you like it or not!

Really, just reliving the trauma of watching her shocking performance is getting too much ... It's making me sooo angry, fellow travellers. And I don't like to feel angry (unlike Miranda). No, I'm a loving, forgiving person, not a hateful hysteric like her.

No, I need to detach and find my peaceful centre again. So, I'm going to have a peppermint tea and a nice lie down (on my futon). I will return to my blog when I am more composed.

And I urge you to do the same, fellow travellers. Do not let the Miranda Devines of the world make you angry anymore. Do not give them the satisfaction of provoking you into a fit of rage with their vile hate speech. Do that, and the (real) terrorists will have won.