Fellow travellers, I'm sure many of you know of the final post on Alene Composta's blog. It appears not to have been written by Alene herself, but by her two sons. And from their writings we learn that Ms Composta had actually killed herself.

Well, some may say that this completely disproves my theory that she was a real person who was murdered by eeevil right wing bloggers who resurrected her online identity for their own abominable purposes.

I must admit that this latest revelation did flummox me for a little while. Maybe those RWDBs hadn't gotten to her as I'd thought. And she kept on blogging and ultimately did commit suicide, after all. Seems plausible. I had actually predicted this possibility very early on anyway ...

But on closer reading of the posthumous post, I have come to the conclusion that it actually confirms my murder-conspiracy theory:

Firstly, the alleged suicide seems to have been precipitated by her deep sense of betrayal by the ABC. The first psychological blow was that The Drum: Unleashed pulled her searing piece about misogynous Liberals in NSW after it was claimed she was actually a sock-puppet. The second, more traumatic event was Jonathon Holmes not standing up for her on Media Watch as she'd hoped.

Now, being a progressive activist myself, I know how the Compostas of the world think, feel and react to stressors. While certain individuals who are purportedly of the left may betray and hurt us, we never - never - lose faith in our ideals, nor in our most treasured institutions. High on this list is the ABC. Of course in recent years it has been infiltrated by conservatives (hello Janet Albrechtsen) but for the most part it still remains our ABC. That's why I just can't believe that Alene would have lost faith in this much-loved organization at any point - no matter who distraught she was.

Secondly, the blog post implies that she killed herself by putting her head in an electric oven. Obviously, to roast oneself to death would be a particularly agonizing death. Certainly, she was a tormented soul. Australia's deeply racist, capitalistic and patriarchal society had made her so. But who would have the sheer endurance to go through such pain to finally be at one with the cosmos?

Also, there's the carbon footprint resulting from such a method. I suspect that her compassionate Gaian belief system would guide her towards a way of committing suicide that didn't rely on coal-fired power. Clean, environmentally friendly gas would have been the way to go, surely? Or maybe she would taken one of the wonderful Dr Philip Nitschke's peaceful pills? Either way it would have been quicker, painless, and much kinder to the environment.

Now, these two aspects are inconsistent if Alene were a real person for the entirety of her blogging career. But not if she had been murdered half way through as I'd theorized.

Clearly, she was killed, quite probably while sitting at her PC. Her body was then frozen, while her murderers had their sick fun with their grotesque impersonation of her, gleefully violating the online space she had so courageously claimed as her own.

They knew that someone had to find the body eventually, so why not make it look like a suicide? So they thawed out the cadaver and placed it head first in the oven. But what would be the motivation? Why, the ABC of course - the institution that stands for everything that they abhor, and Alene herself so deeply loved. The sheer cruelty of such a diabolical act almost beggars belief. But for the right, well, it's just what we've come to expect, isn't it?

And you have to admit that it is fiendishly brilliant. While right-wingers are retarded in so many ways, they do seem to excel when it comes to extreme violence, assassination and conspiracy. Look at 9/11. They pulled off the greatest act of mass murder in American history and made it look like a bunch of Muslims did it!

That's why I don't doubt that pretty much the entire right-wing of the Australian blogopshere knows what really happened. And of course Bolt and Blair were most likely the instigators. But it will be very difficult to isolate the actual perpetrators; those who did the "wet work" as they themselves might say.

But there is one who I'm sure was deeply involved. He is the prolific tweeter Spot_the_dog. He has left quite a trail of online evidence that reveals a truly disturbing level of enjoyment of the whole Alene Composta saga. It's common knowledge that serial killers like to return to the scenes of their crimes to gloat. They also like to leave tantalizing clues about their identities. Spot has exhibited this disturbing behaviour here. That's why I think that Alene wasn't his first victim.

Among other clues, there's this obscene "Ode to Alene", in which he has penned a sick song seething with sinister, submerged malice. Then there is this little comment at the very end of a Tim Blair post which refers to my theory that she was murdered. Replying to Andyrobot, Spot says:

Derek Sapphire is not only real, but he's onto youse guys.

He may as well have said "he's onto us guys".

And the clincher? He's originally from the USA.

The issue is beyond doubt. Spot killed Alene Composta. And he knows who else was involved, too. Prove that I lie!